1. Reduce Joint Stress

Our high-quality cat bowls have a raised stand design which lowers stress and pressure on your pet's joints and stomach whilst they eat.

They are particularly beneficial to kittens whilst developing or cats with arthritis, neck or back problems, as the height and angle of the bowl promotes the flow of food from the mouth to the stomach and makes swallowing easily.

  1. Reduce Absorbed Grease

Because our High-Quality Purrfect Cat Bowls sit in the stand at a gentle 15 deg. angle it will avoid food spillage.

Its ergonomic design will also reduce food grease being absorbed into your cat's face and whiskers caused by licking around the bottom of traditionally shaped bowls trying to extract food from the corners.

  1. Easy to Clean

Our cat bowls are easily removed from the base so you can take them out wash and keep them clean. They are dishwasher proof and made from environmentally friendly non-toxic plastic.


  • Includes: bowl + bowl rack
  • Size: 10.8in*2.7in*5.3in
  • Material: PC plastic, base ABS plastic