Why Do Cats Meow to Humans?

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Do you know that your cat tries to make a sound that you can understand better? Scientists have discovered that every cat has specific meow, and they tend to adopt a particular set of tones that their owner assumes the best.

So, next time if your cat is meowing near you, you will be apparent that your pet is trying to tell you something.

Cats have two languages; one is for the other cats and one for humans. The meow they do to talk to humans is the normal meow, but with their other fellow cats, the meow is a little bit short and with pauses.

Let's see where the story begins. When they are baby kittens, they meow to call their mother, and this actually works as their mother gives attention to their every meow.

Whenever they need milk or food, they just meow, and they are good to go. But with time as they grew old, their meows get much lesser than before. And the reason is that their mother wants them to do the stuff on their own, so she stops responding to their meows.

Now they have to meow to you for food or something else, and they start testing different meows on you.

The meows that you respond to, they adopt that and use the same sound for the next time they need food. This is why your cat makes a specific sound consistently when she is hungry.

Of course, the amount and style of meowing differ from breed to breed, but we are talking about the nature of them that why cat's meow.

Here is a list of reasons that biologists have discovered and described.

the different meows of cats.

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1. Greetings- a single meow

Most of the pet cats do that; when you see them in the morning or meet them after some time, they meow a couple of times with no specific intensity.

This is their way of saying hello. Scientists say that if after greetings they keep on meowing, they want your attention too — time to give a message to your cat- or play with her like you used to.

2. I missed you Meow- a long series of meows.

This is also done mostly by the pet cats when you see them after a long time. They start meowing, and that is pretty rapid. You can feel that they are trying to say that, where have you been? I missed you.

Sometimes, this meow stream can go to an annoying level. You can play with your cat to make her calm.

3. I am hurt or lonely- long meows.

There is a common misconception that cats do not feel lonely; they do. When they feel like they are alone or stuck somewhere, they meow, and that meow is longer than a normal one.

They make a similar kind of meow when they are in pain. There can be any kind of pain, like any physical injury or some other medical abnormality. It would help if you took your pet to a veterinarian soon. 

These kinds of meows are usually undetectable, so you should pay attention to your cat when she is behaving aberrantly.

4. I need food- the typical meow.

This is the most common meow, and you can spot it easily. When she is hungry, she will start following you with repetitive meows.

If you are eating something and your kitty start meowing, she is asking for a bite. And if you have already fed her, try to ignore because cats may meow after seeing the food even when they are full.

Like humans, cats also get hungry on a specific time of the day, and if she is meowing before lunchtime, this means she is trying to say that, "I am afraid fella that you may forget to feed me." 

Make a feeding schedule for your pet. Giving her food on her every meow can cause illness and overweight.

5. Give me attention- the annoying meows.

Your cat's belly is full, she is also not in pain or sad, and still, if she meows rapidly, she probably wants your attention. Most cats hate to sit alone. They want to play with you or do anything else. And if you are in the room, kitty does not want another toy; she is clearly seeking your attention.

The pet cats love to be rubbed and hugged from time to time, but that also depends if you have started to make them comfortable doing so. At this time they are happy, and they reply to your words- obviously by meowing.

If you are a working person and cannot give attention to your kitty off and on, it is good to have someone else to take care of them as cats get ill in loneliness.

6. I hate closed doors- repetitive meows.

Almost every cat loves to roam around in the house like a boss. A closed-door can drive them crazy. If they want to come in a room or wants to go outside, they will keep meowing until you open the door or teach them how to open it.

7. I am old now- the cry meow.

With age, cats also get caught by the diseases, and mental disorders like cognitive dysfunction are one of them. In such a situation, they meow like they are crying.

The most recent studies have shown that the cats learn the sound from humans and as the baby cry gets the most attention in humans, the cats have adopted this, and you can find your old cat crying like a baby at night.

They cry because of pain or no apparent reason at all. You must consult the veterinarian doctor as soon as possible.

8. Stay away from me- Yowling or hissing.

You may have observed that, your pet cat yowl at your guests. They don't like new people in their territory. They yowl or hiss for several reasons.

When they are angry, don't want to share food or territory, they yowl. And when they are mad or don't like someone because it may be causing pain to her or scaring her, they hiss. Hissing is kind of warning that, stay away from me, I can attack you.

9. I want to make love- the constant yowl.

This is a different kind of yowl than the former one. If the female feels the heat for mating, she starts yowling, and it is without interruption. However, if you have spayed or neutered your cat, they will not do so.

10. I am stressful- more than usual meows.

Change can be stressful for cats. If you have bought a new kitty, and it keeps on meowing, it is pretty usual as they are stressed.

You can make her feel at home by brushing or playing with him. Your old pet cat can also get stressed when you change her food schedule or make her a new house.

Some of the sounds that cats make are still unknown to us, like the sound they make after seeing prey or playing someone else.

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There is not always a reason for meowing for the cats; if they are not meowing for the above reasons, they may be just talking to someone else or thinking about fresh fish.

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