How Cats Show They Love You

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Unlike the furry canines, the standoffish attitude of cats precedes them. Unless you’ve ever owned a cat yourself, you might be unable to debunk this myth.

Cats do show affection, often generously and enthusiastically as dogs, perhaps more if you have a track record for quality cat care. Although the choice of expression might be weird, they have peculiar ways to show just how much they love you.

Once you can understand your feline friend’s love language, interacting with them becomes easy. Now and then, you’ll perceive their affection in their interactions.

Meanwhile, we have gathered important signals that depict your cat’s affection – buckle up and pay attention!

1. Kneading

Kneading Cat - How Cats Show They Love You

This behavior dates back to when your cat was a kitten. In order to feed, your kitty’s paws stimulate milk flow from the mother’s teats by kneading continuously.

Kneading extends towards adulthood when they feel adored and relaxed. In fewer words, you are officially your feline’s security blanket.

Other times, your cat may display the kneading signal while marking their territory against intruders. Count yourself lucky if you’re within the same territory. However, frequently trimming their claws will render you ‘scratch-proof’.

2. Meowing

meowing cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    It is common practice for mothers to listen to their kittens’ meow. As they approach adulthood, they grow out of the habit.

    Whenever necessary, they adopt this vocalization for interacting with the people they love – you, for example. If you were a cat, would you talk to people you dislike? Similarly, your cat pesters you with tons of meows to express love and affection.

    3. Purring

    purring cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    Purring is a direct method cat show love and appreciation for their owners. These adorable pets have a regulated motor within them which produces purring sounds when they are stroked or relaxed.

    The vibrating noise is also heard when they are upset, although it is infrequent. The next time your cat rumbles, and you can’t figure out their signals, you can recruit the help of a vet to interpret the signals.

    In any case, there’s a 95% chance they are only saying “I love you so much.”

    4. Bunting

    bunting cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    Yes, cats rub their faces over you to express their affection. Considered their coolest compliment, they rub their faces against your cheeks to display intense affection.

    Now, the mechanism is straightforward. As they rub against you, their scent glands deposit pheromones – love hormones – that mark you as safe and trustworthy. Similarly, head butts are another way of saying ‘I love you’ as they rub their foreheads against you.

    Be warned; if you suffer from cat allergies, you may not appreciate the full ‘face makeover’.

    5. Rolling

    rolling cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    During a tantrum, kids roll on the floor to express displeasure. But the opposite is the case for cats as their rolling signals depicts an intense excitement to have you around.

    They often start by walking up to you and throwing themselves to the ground and rolling from side to side. Especially if they flaunt their belly, they want the attention of their favourite buddy.

    6. Licking

    licking cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    Remember the day you woke up with a tongue caressing your face? Indeed, cats display fondness by licking your face, toes, or fingers. Technically, cats are fans of self-grooming, and they spend considerable amounts of time doing the same for you or other favourites.

    The cat’s anatomy is quite special; their tongues have little barbs for sucking, nibbling, or grooming.

    If you’ve ever studied a group of cats, you must have noticed that one cat is always assigned the duty of licking or grooming the others. It can be interpreted as a family tradition amongst cats.

    So, your cat most likely considers you family if they are fond of licking you. Since grooming is another way to share scent, your furry kitty targets the strongest scent points in your body, including your face, hands, and feet.

    7. Hunting

    hunting cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    One day, your pet brings you a dead mouse. Another day, they dump their bounty on your doorstep. This gifting technique is an age-old method adapted by your adorable carnivore to express affection.

    You may be wondering how sharing ‘dead preys’ passes as affection? According to reputable veterinarians, cats hunt the prey for their kitten, and since you’re also ‘family’, they feel responsible for your feeding as well. Thoughtful, isn’t it? Their closest companions only enjoy this act of care and nurturing.

    Again, cats bring home prey for personal enjoyment. And if their safe place is your bed, they’ll probably ‘thank you in return’ with a piece of prey meat.

    If you don’t feel comfortable with the ‘gifts’, get your cat a puzzle toy. This toy, while stimulating their prey drive, will also distract them from sharing bounties with you – a win-win for both of you!

    8. Tail Posture

    tail cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    In cat communities, cats rub their butts against one another to transfer scents, respect the elderly, or show regard. Likewise, friendly pets signal their love in many ways, one of them being the ‘upright tail’ position.

    The signature elevator butt pose is a typical tail posture that is revealed when you stroke your cat lovingly.

    When a kitty has their butt in the air, they are saying “let’s be friends” or “please, pet me!” Why because they love it when you scratch that part of their body.

    Another sign of love from cats is when they hold up their tails with a slight tip. And if they press their butts to your face, it is the ultimate sign of affection.

    9. Smacking and Scratching

    scractching cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    Congratulations, you have maintained an excellent record as a pet owner if your cat is fond of these actions.

    Scratching, although undesirable, deposits feline smell and visual territorial marks. Especially if your kitty is fond of a particular area in the home, scratch marks are typical of fondness and ownership.

    Other cats wake their favourite ones with a smack in the face. Over time, both actions signal a form of affection and attachment to you.

    10. Trailing

    Trailing cat - How Cats Show They Love You

    Does your kitty follow you to the bathroom? Alright, don’t freak out; your cat is entirely normal. Dogs and cats share this trait.

    Out of anxiety, curiosity, or attachment, your cat may follow you to the bathroom because they can’t afford to lose sight of you. You have become an important part of their life that they always want to snuggle close to you.

    This sign of attachment can also be a form of protection – after all, these small and vulnerable pets feel safe around your ‘big’ self.

    In other cases, they are only curious about your movements within and outside the house. Either way, your cat is expressing its interest in you, and you must oblige this special affection.


    Don’t be depressed if your cat is yet to show you as much affection. Like humans, they need time to build trust and relationships.

    More so, you have to be utterly nice and expressive, treating them well that they can’t imagine a life without you.

    Once you earn that affection, you’ll come to appreciate all the hard work that got you there in the first place.


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