Here are 10 of the Most Expensive Cats

When it comes to getting a cat, many think it’s cheap. Considering the number of people who give their kittens away for free. If you belong to this group, then its time you think again before giving her away.

Some of the kittens we are having in our houses belong to the expensive cat breeds. Therefore it is essential to know the kind of strain you are having and how much it costs. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most expensive cat breeds.

Most expensive cat breeds in the world

1.  American Curl -$ 1,300


This particular breed originates from Lakewood, California, way back in 1981. They are unique because of the shaped curled ears, which are caused by random mutation. What most people do not know is that the kitten is born with straight ears. Her ears then curl within 48 hours of birth. 

She also has a soft and silky coat that lies on her medium-sized rectangular body. She is playful and affectionate, which makes her perfect to have around the house. She is one member of the family that will cheer you up by setting your eyes on her.    

 2. American Wirehair - $1,200


The breed is the rarest in the US, and he originated from New York in 1966. Did you know that there were only 22 of the breed registered with Cat Fanciers Association? It shows why she is one of the expensive cat breeds in the world. 

She is resilient to diseases and even easy to look after. You will have fun having it around the house since he is playful and affectionate. Apart from that, he is good-natured and adaptable. It means you won’t worry about the visitors that come around. 

When it comes to taking care of her, you will only be required to comb and brush her during the winter. During this season, she sheds her winter coat. Other than that, she is fun to have around the house. 

 3. Russian Blue Cat- $ 3,000


She is also known as Archangel Cat. This is because his family tree can be traced back to the city of Archangel in Russia. The breed was introduced to the public in England back in 1875. What makes her unique is the beautiful green eyes that you will surely fall in love with. Her slivery coat makes her more attractive than any breed.

On the other hand, she is playful and can relate to any member of your family. The kids will love having her around. She is adaptive and loyal, however, to the strangers, she becomes a bit withdraw. This is because of shyness, but after a while, she gets used to them.

4.Scottish Fold Cats- $ 3,000

photo source: pxfuel

She is also one of the most expensive cat breeds, and she is believed to have originated from Scotland. A region known as Tayside. Her history goes back in 1961 when a shepherd by the name William Ross discovered the breed. He took him in and developed the exotic breed.

She will present a sad-looking appearance the first time you set eyes on her. Nonetheless, do not be deceived by the looks since she is usually happy and energetic. She loves attention and even enjoys socializing.

What makes her unique is the fact that they have folded ears. This is because of the dominating gene, which has an impact on the cat’s body. Some say that she looks like a teddy bear or even owl. But I will let you be the judge of that.      

5. The Sphynx - $ 3,000


photo source:

He is another breed that costs a lot but easy to maintain. He is believed to have originated from Toronto, Canada. She is hairless, and it was a result of genetic mutation. Maintain her is equally easy since she is less prone to diseases. 

One thing you have to ensure is that she is bathed often and applied oils on their skin. He enjoys human attention and is very playful. He is one breed that gets along with other cats and even dogs. Plus, she is good with strangers and loves socializing as well.

6. Persian-$ 5,500


The Persian is a bit costly, but worth it at the same time. The breed dates back to the 19th century in a place known as Persia. This is what we now know as Iran. However, according to history, he is believed to have been in existence a hundred years before Christ.

The first Persian was shown in London in 1871. During a competitive event and was introduced in the US in the 1900s. He has a life span of up to 17 years, having a short muzzle and round face. One thing you should know is that she requires pampering and luxury. 

The exotic short hair makes her the most attractive breed. She likes to have her own time, and the best way to do this is by napping. When it comes to her personality, she likes affection from the owner. To the strangers, she will keep a distance since he is so picky.

7. The Peterbald-$ 5,000

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He was bred in Russia by Olga S, Mironova, in 1994. This was during an experimental breeding program. He has a small headlong, narrow-body, short hair, and webbed feet. They also have large pointed ears, which make them look like a bat.

When it comes to her personality, you will love it. She is very smart, affectionate, energetic, and peaceful. On the other hand, she is very good with kids and loves playing with them. However, she is supposed to remain indoors because she is prone to sunburns.

8. The Bengal-$ 25,000

She is one of the topmost expensive cat breeds in the world. She is a result of hybrids of Asian Leopard, Egyptian Mau, and domesticated kittens. The cat was first mentioned in 1889 by Harrison Weir. This was when he wrote an article titled “Our Cats and All About Them”. 

She has a life span of 16 years, has a wild look and muscular built. The cat’s coat can be spotted or striped and are intelligent and active. He a wild temperament; for domesticated ones, we recommend the fourth-generation breed. On the other hand, if you are looking for one that is meant for breeding, then the first generation is highly recommended. 

9. The Savannah-$ 50,000


This is for those who are looking for a kitten that is wilder than the Bengal. She is a crossbreed between an African Serval and a domestic cat. She became known among breeders in the 1990s, and Judee Frank was the first to breed them. Later the International Cat Association accepted the Savannah as one of the breeds that are rare in the world. 

There are various types of Savannah generations that one can choose from. This includes F1 to F5. This depends on the percentage of Serval genes that he or she has. He loves to play around, which includes jumping and exercising. The Savannah cat is also loyal and intelligent. 

10.The Ashera up to $ 125,000

ashera-catphoto source:

The Ashera is one of the most expensive cat breeds and belongs on top of the hierarchy. She is a hybrid of the Asian Leopard cat, the African Serval, and the Domestic Housecat. This is what makes her one of the rarest cat breeds to walk on the earth’s face. 

He or she has pointed ears, and the coat is both striped and spotted. He is very intelligent, affectionate, and loyal. Though she is an expensive cat breed, having her in the house is worth it. She has been bred to so that she is fit to live in a domestic environment.   


Cats are very intelligent and affectionate. Having them around the house has its health benefits as well. Therefore it is important to think of getting one to warm the house. However, to acquire some of the expensive cat breeds will require one to dig deep into your pockets.

On the other hand, if you have some of the greatest breeds, then its time you think of making cash. Do not give out the kittens but put a price tag on them. Who knows, you might start a business through selling them.

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