6 of The Most Unique Cat Breeds In the World

Cats are pets that families are adapting to having them around the house. According to a study, 23 percent of the population in their world are cat owners. This percentage is expected to grow in the next coming years. 
Kittens are affectionate, playful, loving, and fun to have around. They come in the various breeds that one can select from. If you think you have seen all the breeds, then think again. Other breeds are unique, and coming across one might take years.
You can tell from the way she is behaving, and the appearance which is different from the ordinary pets. If you are in search of a cat that stands out from the rest and even classic this article is for you. We are going to look into the most unique cat breeds to exist on the face of the earth.
Most unique cat breeds
Did you know that the cat was named after the province in which she was found? The cat is believed to have originated from Phimai Thailand.  Plus she is given to newlyweds or important people in the community a sign of good luck. To date, the practice continues, and they are given as gifts and not sold.
She is sliver tipped blue-grey, and short-haired. Korat is also small in size and has large green eyes. But, when it comes to the kitten he has a muddy, golden-green, or amber-colored eyes. This is expected to change as they grow and become adults. 
What makes her unique is the fact that she is a natural breed and belongs to the oldest stable cat breeds. She is very intelligent, playful and forms a strong bond with the owner. This includes the members of the family.  However, when it comes to strangers, he or she will start to make noise and then run to you.
2. Singapura
This is a kitten that belongs to one of the smallest breeds in the world. She is believed to have originated from Singapore. He has large ears and eyes, blunt tail, and brown ticked coat. 
She is very active, playful, and curious. Having the cat around the house will make the kids happy. This is because they like to climb high places just to have a view of their surroundings. She has some health problems that you will have to be on the lookout for especially if she is pregnant.
This is because of the weak muscles that do not allow her to give birth the normal way. Hence you will need to take her to the vet to have a cesarean section. This is the safest mode for her to give birth.  There are other health problems, such as Pyruvate kinase deficiency, among others.
3. Birman
Did you know that the Birman was almost wiped out during the Second World War? There were only two that survived after the war in Europe. They were known as Xenia de Kaabaa and Orloff.
Birman is also known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma": and was first discovered in Burma, France. There are various beliefs about the legendary cat. Some say he came from the temples that were used by the priests.  This was back in the ancient times making him the most unique cat breed.
When it comes to their appearance, they have a medium-sized rectangular body that is covered with a silk coat. Her eyes are deep sapphire blue, and the paws are white and look like socks or gloves. However, the kittens are born white but later start to change the color of the coat when 14 days.  He is very smart, curious, and friendly.
4.The Munchkin breed
This is one of the most unique cat breed in the world and originates from the United States. She has been around for a hundred years, and most people know her because of the short legs. This is a condition that is caused by genetic mutation and considered to be a breed of the dwarf cat.
They are intelligent, outgoing and small in size. In 2014, the Munchkin breed entered the Guinness World Records for being the shortest cat breed. Her name was Lilieput from Napa California, who stood at 5.25 inches. They are very cute, playful and get along with other animals. 
5. Lykoi
The kitten is known as the werewolf cat; this is because of a mutation that gave him partial hair loss. This is a natural mutation and not manmade hence making her one of the most unique cat breeds. The breed was discovered in a feral colony in the United States.
She is medium built, has a muscular body and slender legs. Some people are afraid of the spooky appearance since he looks more of a dog than a cat. Though having a wild look, doesn’t mean he bites, but he is very friendly and playful. He even gets along with other cats, dogs but has to remain indoors to protect him from harsh weather.
6. Siamese
She is also one of the most unique cat breed you will set your eyes on. She originates from China and Thailand. However, in the 19th century, the cat becomes a popular breed in North America and Europe.
He was developed after crossbreeding of various cats, which make him to have a range of coat patterns. The Siamese comes in two types, that is the modern Siamese who is very skinny and has a wedge-shaped head.
The second species is the traditional one who an apple has shaped head and a chubby body. They have blue almond-shaped eyes, large ears, slender and muscular body. She is affectionate, intelligent, playful, and social. He mostly enjoys the game of fetch. 
There are various exotic cat breeds in the world today. Some of them date back to ancient times while others are as a result of human hands. Regardless of the genes they possess, they are unique, and coming across them is hard.
If you are looking for a cat or kitten that is unique, then this is the article for you. We have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the most unique cat breeds. Therefore you will find it easy selecting the breed to bring home.

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